LANY - 'you!' Review

Label: Polydor Records

Release Date: 14th August 2020

Rating: 8/10

"The band have always shone with their beautifully detailed arrangements: this release is no different."

Synth-pop trio, LANY, have just released their new, refreshingly happy single, ‘you!’.

As a LANY fan you’re half expecting a sad break up before it even begins (not that that’s an inherently bad thing!). ‘you!’ is reminiscent of the song played at end of a rom-com, as the protagonists walk into the sunset, claiming their happy ever after.

Lead vocalist and lyricist, Paul Klein, reveals his deep adoration for the special person who came to his rescue in a time of need; someone so special that he compares them to the sun, the ocean, and an angel all in the space of four minutes.

What remains unchanged between their old and new material is the relatability found in Klein’s lyricism. This time, instead of describing the woes of heartbreak, he perfectly captures the emotional intensity found in a loving relationship; feeling so strongly towards a certain someone that they become vital to your very existence: “you’re the air in my lungs, you’re the veins to my blood, I’m nothing without you”.

Further lyrics paint a picture of such affection that it’s almost impossible to escape the imagery created: "Like a flower in the concrete, so beautiful and rare’ and "you're the light in the dark, you’re the arrow through my heart." Even just a casual listen will have you daydreaming about all sorts of romantic endeavours.

Accompanying this dreamy setting is LANY’s signature ambient production. The band have always shone with their beautifully detailed arrangements: this release is no different. As the atmospheric synths enter, closely followed by a steady drumbeat and a warm-toned, catchy guitar hook, the listener is completely sonically immersed into the serene soundscape.

Texturally, there are peaks and troughs throughout. Filtered drums and delicate guitar licks sustain the verses, and later expand in the chorus, using a fuller drum kit and heartier guitar chords for momentum. A personal favourite element is the layered backing vocals and choir featured towards the end of the song, as they so effortlessly uplift the lead vocal, which can become slightly repetitive at times.

One small critique aside, “you!” is a breath of fresh air in LANYs discography and a great take on a modern love song. If you’re a hopeless romantic, it's definitely not one to skip.

The song is the 3rd single release after ‘good guys’ and ‘if this is the last time’ from upcoming album Mama’s Boy due October 2nd.

Words by Rachel Feehan.

21st August 2020.

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