King Princess - 'Only Time Makes It Human' Review

Label: Zelig Records

Release Date: 16th October 2020

Rating: 7/10

"‘Only Time Makes it Human’ is a buoyant ode to clinging on to a previous relationship."

King Princess has returned with a new single after the release of her debut album Cheap Queen last year. ‘Only Time Makes it Human’ is a buoyant ode to clinging on to a previous relationship. Produced by KP and Mike Malchicoff and co-produced by Mark Ronson, this single is one for fans of St Vincent or Troye Sivan. There are also hints of Harry Styles mingled in, which is unsurprising considering that King Princess will tour with the star next year.

‘Only Time Makes it Human’ is more dance-influenced than King Princess’ previous material but still features strong pop songwriting ability. KP looks back to her previous music when declaring that “all of her love became an album / and I'm still the one who's crying”, whilst reflecting on the bittersweet elements of reminiscing:“and it’s not that I wanna suffer / but thinking of her keeps me going.” The lyrics are underscored by an upbeat rhythm and eighties-inspired synths.

'Only Time Makes It Human' artwork.

Whilst this is certainly a departure from King Princess’ prior discography, the sound doesn’t ring wholly true. It seems a little unoriginal, curated with the aim of hitting the charts rather than an outpouring of human emotion.

However, it is still a bop – perfect for post-lockdown nights out - made all the better by the stunning video. Directed by Quinn Wilson, the video features a 3D avatar of the singer (animated by Pastelae) watching the real King Princess croon the single.

Words by Abigail Howe.

23rd October 2020.