Gia Ford - 'Sleeping In Your Garden' Review

Label: Self-released

Release Date: 7th August 2020

Rating: 7/10

'Sleeping in Your Garden' artwork.

One year on from the release of her debut single ‘Turbo Dreams’, and acting as a sendoff for

her May EP Murder In The Dark, Gia Ford dazzles with gripping and ominous track ‘Sleeping In Your Garden’.

Underlined by slick guitar and punctuated by heady percussion, Ford brings a sharper edge to her production on this single. Comparable to the likes of Roxy Music and St Vincent (or at least somewhere in between these influences), ‘Sleeping In Your Garden’ is stripped of Ford’s usual campy style, but what remains is an unsettling Tarantino-esque track which ticks all the boxes for sonic high glamour.

Written in collaboration with electronic singer-songwriter Jerskin Fendrix, ‘Sleeping In Your

Garden’ denotes a darker side to Ford - in both production style and lyrical content.

On this track, Ford tells a sinister tale from the perspective of a stalker. Her sultry vocals shine

through, and carry the narrative to another level beyond the noir musical direction which Ford heads towards on ‘Sleeping In Your Garden’.

I’ve been a fan of Ford since her debut last year, and I am particularly curious to see what she

has in store following her recent severance from the Dirty Hit label. Could ‘Sleeping In Your

Garden’ mark the beginning of a new era for Ford’s creative persona?

Words by Jess Hodgson.

14th August 2020.

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