FUZZY Meets Rebellious, Rock-Heavy RAE

“I want to write music that makes people feel like they can do anything.”

Ahead of the release of their debut single ‘Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt’, FUZZY caught up with Jess from RAE. With a self-described “rock-heavy sound with attitude and a hint of rebellion”, the group take influence from bands such as Foals, Marmozets, and YONAKA and supported APRE on tour earlier this year. Jess Huxham, Will Smith, Bob O’Hare, and Jamie Collins are RAE.

FUZZY: Describe your music in one sentence!

The first thing that comes to mind is bedroom sass!

FUZZY: 'Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt' is out on the 12th of June. Congrats! Could you tell us a little bit about the song? How does it feel to be releasing music during COVID-19?

Thank you! ‘Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt’ came from a really messed up situation. All I can do is laugh at it now, but an ex-boyfriend got into a little bit of trouble with someone. He rang me up and I just remember him saying “you’ve started a witch hunt against me”, and then the next day in a writing session with the rest of the band ‘Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt’ was written!

It is quite worrying to be releasing this during the lockdown. Obviously, it wasn’t what we originally planned at all. We thought a lot about whether to hold it back until everything went back to some kind of normal, but it’s incredibly hard being a brand-new band at the moment with no music out!

FUZZY: You supported APRE earlier on this year. How was it working with them?

It was great! I think that was our second gig as RAE and the response that we got from the crowd was amazing.

FUZZY: Your aim is to make music with 'chaotic energy that makes people feel fearless and confident'. How do you manifest this in your work?

The only time I ever feel confident and empowered is when I’m either playing music or listening to a certain band or artist. I want to write music that makes people feel like they can do anything. I want to write about actual problems that we face day in day out. I want our music to make people stop and think for a few moments when they listen to the lyrics and to be able to relate to them.

FUZZY: Who are your main musical influences?

It’s so hard to say. As a band, we are influenced by a lot of different music so it’s hard to narrow it down to certain artists/bands. We take a lot of influence from Marmozets, YONAKA and Foals!

FUZZY: What would your dream collaboration be?

I’d honestly love to work with IDLES on something!

FUZZY: What have you been listening to during lockdown? Any top picks?

All I’ve done over lockdown is listen to new music. I got in the routine of listening to the same stuff constantly last year, so I’m trying to find new music all the time! My favourites at the moment are:

‘UnAmerican’ - Said The Whale

‘Hometown’ - Cleopatrick

‘JOY (Get Over Me)’ - Joy Anonymous

‘LEMONS’ - Brye

‘Think About Things’ - Daði Freyr.

‘Never Meant To Start A Witch Hunt’ is out now. Follow RAE on Instagram and Facebook.

Words by Eleanor Noyce.

8th June 2020.

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