Everything Everything - 'Planets' Review

Label: Infinity Industries LLP/AWAL Recordings Ltd.

Release Date: 18th June 2020

Rating: 7/10

"The video is a fun COVID-recorded project, but it also fits well with the deeper existentialism of the song."

'Planets' artwork.

This week, Everything Everything released ‘Planets’, the third track from their upcoming album, RE-ANIMATOR, due for release on the 21st of August.

I would highly recommend listening to ‘Planets’ whilst watching the music video, directed by lead singer Jonathan Higgs. Featuring a chimpanzee in space with multi-coloured, vibrant visuals, my favourite detail is Saturn being comprised of a ring of bananas. The video is a fun COVID-recorded project, but it also fits well with the deeper existentialism of the song, asking: why are we here and do we belong?

The layered futuristic synths and beating drums, which almost sound like a heartbeat, compliment Higgins’ vocals perfectly. In comparison to the previous album, A Fever Dream, the vocals are much more haunting and explore Higgs’ range in a new way.

Although there is a lot of repetition and very few words in the song; instead of a weakness, this is a strength. Higgs commented: "'Planets' is a song about calling out to be loved, feeling unworthy and finding the love of the universe instead." The repetition is almost desperate, calling out that are echoed back to us as if we are also floating in space.

Thus far, we've been treated to 'In Birdsong', 'Arch Enemy', and 'Planets'. Each single has different tones: they have certainly set EE up for a fan-favourite album, with their experimental sound, visuals and cohesive theme. Interestingly, each cover features bodies sculpted out of different materials; reinforcing the idea of elements, physicality and our place in the universe.

After their three singles releases, I cannot wait to see how this project pieces together and interlinks. I have a feeling that the cosmic colours, visuals, and sounds will all combine to create a masterpiece of an album. Roll on August 21st.

Words by Elle Woods-Marshall.

20th June 2020.

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